President signs directive for return to the Moon
President signs directive for return to the Moon
Laurel Kornfeld - Dec 13, 2017
Real issue is whether Congress will sufficiently fund the effort.
Delila James - Dec 01, 2017
The best time to catch the full supermoon is just after sunset, when an optical illusion known as the moon illusion makes it appear much larger and brighter than when it is higher in the sky.
Laurel Kornfeld - Oct 25, 2017
Knowing temperatures of these events helps scientists identify their sources.
Laurel Kornfeld - Oct 06, 2017
Gases released by early volcanic eruptions formed an atmosphere and left volatiles behind in surface deposits.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 18, 2017
Knowing where the water is could help scientists select ideal landing sites for future missions.
Laurel Kornfeld - Aug 08, 2017
Event will be broadcast online for viewers unable to watch it live.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jul 25, 2017
Impacting asteroids and comets may have delivered water to early Moon before it fully cooled.
Andrew McDonald - Apr 24, 2015
The lander will use specialized software to recognize craters on the surface.
Laurel Kornfeld - Mar 12, 2015
Lunar composition results from two science instruments still pending.
Andrew McDonald - Feb 17, 2015
This New Moon will be the third of this astronomical season, which will have featured four new moons.
Laurel Kornfeld - Feb 17, 2015
The precursors to life on Earth may be preserved on the Moon.
Laurel Kornfeld - Feb 10, 2015
What would potential lunar colonists have to face?
Laurel Kornfeld - Feb 10, 2015
Smithsonian Air and Space Museum hopes to catalog and display the historic items.
Laurel Kornfeld - Feb 09, 2015
The video, created using data from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), shows a side of the moon never seen here on Earth.
Laurel Kornfeld - Dec 05, 2014
Much of the moon's origins are shrouded in mystery, but these new clues may help unravel the truth.
Laurel Kornfeld - Nov 26, 2014
NASA launches a competition for makers of tiny moon satellites.
Andrew McDonald - Oct 14, 2014
The two missions, a probe and a rover, will investigate the distribution and potential use of lunar water.
Laurel Kornfeld - Oct 13, 2014
Planetary missions provide unique views of Earth from space.
Laurel Kornfeld - Oct 03, 2014
West coast viewers have best seats for both events.
Andrew McDonald - Oct 02, 2014
The Oceanus Procellarum, thought to be the result of an impact, was formed by a ring of rift valleys surrounding it.
Laurel Kornfeld - Aug 07, 2014
While supermoon occurrences are not uncommon, the unique circumstances of next week's lunar event will not be seen again for another 20 years.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jul 31, 2014
Planetary scientists use computer simulations to recreate the processes of the Moon's evolution.
Andrew McDonald - Jul 23, 2014
Scrapped plans included secret military bases and nuclear warheads on the Moon.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jul 17, 2014
No charges were filed in the incident.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jul 14, 2014
Lunar perigee to coincide with exact time moon is full.
Andrew McDonald - Jul 14, 2014
The Moon's closest approach to Earth will coincide with its full phase three times in 2014.
Laurel Kornfeld - May 13, 2014
Northern hemisphere viewers will see close planetary conjunction.
Andrew McDonald - May 08, 2014
As the Moon becomes full over the next week, stargazers will be able to discern many of its surface features.
Laurel Kornfeld - Apr 20, 2014
A cosmetic company wants to brighten the moon.
Andrew McDonald - Apr 05, 2014
It will slam into the moon's surface, according to NASA.
Laurel Kornfeld - Apr 01, 2014
The researchers think that high water content within lunar apatite results from a defect in the crystallization process rather than a water-rich lunar environment.
Laurel Kornfeld - Mar 20, 2014
Five international teams were selected today as finalists for the Milestone Prizes by the Google Lunar XPRIZE (GLXP).
Laurel Kornfeld - Mar 16, 2014
A new form of crowdsourcing.
Laurel Kornfeld - Feb 24, 2014
A team of privately-funded teams are in a race to reach the moon.
Laurel Kornfeld - Feb 04, 2014
A stunning image is captured by NASA.
Andrew McDonald - Jan 28, 2014
China's brand new moon rover is already saying farewell.
Andrew McDonald - Nov 10, 2013
A small asteroid passes with the orbit of the moon.
Laurel Kornfeld - Nov 10, 2013
Maps of crustal thickness produced by GRAIL showed more big impact basins on the near-side hemisphere of the moon than on the far side.
Laurel Kornfeld - Oct 23, 2013
What do you think of NASA's achievement?
Andrew McDonald - Sep 11, 2013
NASA heads to the moon to solve an Apollo-era mystery.
Andrew McDonald - Sep 06, 2013
NASA prepares to launch another moon mission.
Joseph Scalise - 3 hours ago
Astronomers have discovered that the distant world MU69 may have a small moonlet orbiting around it.
Laurel Kornfeld - 4 hours ago
Analysis of stellar occultation data from last summer suggests a possible satellite.
Laurel Kornfeld - Dec 08, 2017
Metals delivered by impacting planetesimals could have assimilated into Earth's core.
Laurel Kornfeld - Dec 05, 2017
Occurrence marks an ideal skywatching opportunity.
Laurel Kornfeld - Nov 24, 2017
The lunar crust is composed of just one mineral, meaning a secondary resurfacing must have occurred.
Miriam Griffin - Oct 21, 2017
Japanese astronomers announced this week that they discovered a 50-kilometer underground cave on the Moon. They said that this cave might have value not only for present-day scientists, but also future lunar settlers.
Laurel Kornfeld - Oct 19, 2017
As safest location for astronauts, lava tubes could be ideal sites for constructing Moon bases.
Laurel Kornfeld - Oct 17, 2017
Ten days after Earth gravity assist, MapCam camera looks back on Earth-Moon system.
Dan Taylor - Oct 10, 2017
New research shows the moon had an ancient atmosphere that lasted some 70 million years before dissipating.
Laurel Kornfeld - Oct 09, 2017
Establishing a lunar base seen as crucial for training astronauts and launching missions to Mars and beyond.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 28, 2017
Public outreach by science organizations and free webcasts drove high level of participation.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 27, 2017
New technology could help maintain future space station's orientation.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 27, 2017
Huge Long March rocket is key to China's ambitious long-term space program.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 04, 2017
This process, which forms an image line by line, is different from that used by standard cell phones and digital cameras, which frame images instantly.
Laurel Kornfeld - Aug 27, 2017
The great American eclipse puts on a show seen by tens of millions.
Kathy Fey - Apr 08, 2015
New insight on Earth's violent past points to a moon formed from Earth's collision with a "little sister" planet.
Kathy Fey - Apr 06, 2015
Lunar lava tunnels may be useful for long-term occupation of the moon.
Andrew McDonald - Apr 01, 2015
The eclipse will be visible from the Pacific Ocean and surrounded landmasses.
Andrew McDonald - Mar 17, 2015
The vast buried crater was discovered using gravitational data.
Laurel Kornfeld - Feb 23, 2015
Both will benefit from featuring new technology to land and rove on the Moon.
Laurel Kornfeld - Feb 05, 2015
A Texas-based energy company plans to start a lunar gas station for outgoing spacecraft.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jan 27, 2015
An old theory about the Earth's need for the Moon has been disproven.
Andrew McDonald - Jan 13, 2015
A new scientific paper examines lunar resources and how they might be used in the future.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jan 12, 2015
Mission seeks to identify landing spots for 2017 lunar soil collection.
Laurel Kornfeld - Dec 06, 2014
Researchers have figured out why moon rocks are magnetized.
Laurel Kornfeld - Dec 04, 2014
Lunar rocks show Earth's satellite had an active core for a billion years.
Laurel Kornfeld - Nov 21, 2014
British Group aims to send an entirely new load of human objects to the Earth's satellite body.
Laurel Kornfeld - Nov 18, 2014
Donors to the Kickstarter campaign will receive coveted prizes for their generosity.
Andrew McDonald - Oct 30, 2014
The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has found the crater made by the LADEE probe on April 18.
Laurel Kornfeld - Oct 15, 2014
LRO images support theory of recent lunar volcanism.
Andrew McDonald - Sep 22, 2014
New software was used to analyze the lighting conditions when photos were taken.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jul 22, 2014
A new video taken by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance orbiter allows viewers to witness the landing site of Apollo 11.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jul 22, 2014
Missed landing site could have resulted in disaster.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jul 18, 2014
NASA priority is landing humans on Mars.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jul 17, 2014
In remembrance of the "giant leap for mankind," NASA TV will replay footage and the Kennedy Space Center will host special events.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jul 14, 2014
The next supermoon will be on August 10.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jul 12, 2014
The third of five total 'supermoons' to occur in 2014, crested this morning at 6:25 a.m. CDT, lighting up the night sky as it nears its perigee point (or closest point) in its elliptical path around Earth.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jun 13, 2014
On Friday, the full moon will rise to its lowest point of the year due to the Summer Equinox nearing.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jun 11, 2014
Material deep in the mantle holds clues to composition of early Earth.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jun 05, 2014
Analysis may be first confirmation of Theia's existence.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jun 01, 2014
Artist and entrepreneur Mikael Genberg has teamed up with Astrobotic on a 15 million dollar effort to send a self-constructing little Swedish cottage to the surface of the moon.
Andrew McDonald - May 30, 2014
Two NASA missions have provided new data on the tidal effects of Earth's gravity on the Moon.
Andrew McDonald - May 19, 2014
Despite an unconventional start and bumpy development, NASA's prototype Morpheus lander is setting the stage for safe automated landings on planetary bodies.
Andrew McDonald - May 15, 2014
A private mission to the Moon will carry, among other things, a powdered drink and the dreams of children across Asia.
Andrew McDonald - May 10, 2014
New research on the lunar magnetic field suggests that the Moon experienced a sudden reorientation relative to its rotational axis.
Andrew McDonald - May 08, 2014
A prototype of an automated NASA lunar lander has passed its latest flight test.
Andrew McDonald - Apr 16, 2014
The moon will continue to put on a show.
Andrew McDonald - Apr 14, 2014
Tuesday's first of four lunar "blood moon" eclipses mark one of two earth-shaking events, depending on your viewpoint.
Andrew McDonald - Apr 10, 2014
A few obstacles will hit the LRO.
Laurel Kornfeld - Apr 06, 2014
The lunar eclipses of 2014 are the first of four consecutive total lunar eclipses.