Blue Origin conducts successful New Shepard test flight
Blue Origin conducts successful New Shepard test flight
Laurel Kornfeld - 3 hours ago
Company hopes to ferry tourists into suborbital space as early as next year.
Joseph Scalise - Dec 06, 2017
Scientists have discovered that the International Space Station has a similar microbiome to
Miriam Griffin - Sep 26, 2017
Ri said that his nation is reaching new milestones in nuclear weapon and missile development and is ready to defend itself if the United States tries to attack it.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 14, 2017
ISS astronauts will continue to use the bulkier suits specifically designed for spacewalks, known as "extravehicular mobility units."
Laurel Kornfeld - Jul 24, 2017
Photos taken on ISS combined to create 360-degree panoramic views.
Laurel Kornfeld - Apr 30, 2015
Cause of spacecraft failure remains unknown.
Laurel Kornfeld - Apr 23, 2015
Devices designed for astronauts could restore movement to people with disabilities.
Kathy Fey - Apr 09, 2015
NASA engineers inspect the first objects made in space with a 3D printer.
Kathy Fey - Apr 01, 2015
An experiment aboard the ISS reveals ants to be as adaptable as they are busy.
Laurel Kornfeld - Mar 29, 2015
Long term mission to help study effects of long term zero gravity on the human body.
Laurel Kornfeld - Mar 29, 2015
Long term mission to help study effects of long term zero gravity on the human body.
Kathy Fey - Mar 23, 2015
An American astronaut will live in orbit for a year while his identical twin is also monitored on Earth.
Andrew McDonald - Mar 19, 2015
The module is a collaboration between NASA and Bigelow Aerospace.
Kathy Fey - Mar 13, 2015
A new expandable living module may be the future of space living.
Andrew McDonald - Mar 12, 2015
With the return of the three crew members, Expedition 43 can officially begin.
Kathy Fey - Mar 07, 2015
NASA has ordered new missions to deliver cargo to the ISS in 2017.
Andrew McDonald - Feb 27, 2015
During the most recent spacewalk, a small amount of water leaked into a crew member's helmet.
Laurel Kornfeld - Feb 20, 2015
It will be the first of a series of spacewalks that will wrap up this year and enable the ISS to receive space taxis developed by Boeing and SpaceX.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jan 20, 2015
It appears the US will be dealing with Russian engines well into the future.
Andrew McDonald - Jan 16, 2015
Leak turned out to be a false alarm, and none of the station's crew or equipment were in danger.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jan 12, 2015
The Nonhuman Autonomous Space Agency is working toward a space-bound future for the Earth's manatees.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jan 06, 2015
The U.S. Government Accountability Office found nothing wrong with contracts between Boeing, SpaceX and NASA.
Laurel Kornfeld - Dec 29, 2014
Multimedia offers virtual tour, detailed explanation of science on space station.
Laurel Kornfeld - Dec 28, 2014
Astronaut Alexander Gerst pieced together some of the 12,500 images he took during his trip there to form a timelapse video of what the view is like aboard the ISS.
Laurel Kornfeld - Dec 23, 2014
The footage was compiled from 12,500 images taken by an ESA astronaut over a six-month period.
Laurel Kornfeld - Dec 15, 2014
Russia is looking into building its own space station.
Laurel Kornfeld - Dec 01, 2014
Item represents first manufacturing of a part in space.
Laurel Kornfeld - Nov 25, 2014
Dinner menu features freeze-dried packets of turkey and trimmings.
Andrew McDonald - Oct 07, 2014
SpaceX will ferry the Bigelow Aerospace module to the station.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 26, 2014
Elena Serova becomes fourth Russian woman in space.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 02, 2014
Technology seen as crucial for long space missions.
Laurel Kornfeld - Aug 21, 2014
Design deemed "excellent" in early NASA feedback.
Laurel Kornfeld - Aug 19, 2014
Images show vehicle breaking up as it re-enters Earth's atmosphere.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jul 23, 2014
Discussion addresses feasibility of a manned mission to Mars.
Andrew McDonald - Jul 18, 2014
NASA astronauts and two Russian cosmonauts will return to Earth in March 2015.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jul 15, 2014
Astronauts work on science experiments, robotics, and maintenance anticipating new arrival.
Andrew McDonald - Jul 14, 2014
ISS is preparing to receive a Cygnus cargo craft, bidding farewell to the ISS Progress 55 cargo ship.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jun 29, 2014
Until now, astronauts living on the ISS have missed out on one of the greatest creature comforts that we take for granted here on Earth: real brewed coffee; however, that's all about to change with the arrival of the first zero-gravity espresso machine.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jun 18, 2014
Otherworldly posts are popular and awe-inspiring.
Andrew McDonald - Jun 13, 2014
Astronauts carried out repairs and conducted experiments to study long-term human spaceflight.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jun 12, 2014
CST-100 capsule could end American reliance on Russian vehicles.
Laurel Kornfeld - Dec 01, 2017
Earthly origin is almost impossible to rule out.
Laurel Kornfeld - Nov 17, 2017
First privately-funded planetary science mission will search for life in Enceladus' plumes.
Miriam Griffin - Oct 21, 2017
Japanese astronomers announced this week that they discovered a 50-kilometer underground cave on the Moon. They said that this cave might have value not only for present-day scientists, but also future lunar settlers.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 27, 2017
New technology could help maintain future space station's orientation.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 05, 2017
Her Houston home, where she lives with her husband Clarence Sams, who works at the Johnson Space Center, has withstood the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey.
Andrew McDonald - May 06, 2015
Contact was lost with Progress 59 soon after launch.
Laurel Kornfeld - Apr 30, 2015
Development depends on funding for the project.
Andrew McDonald - Apr 29, 2015
Attempts are underway to reestablish communications with the Progress 59 spacecraft.
Kathy Fey - Apr 19, 2015
A Japanese research team proposes mounting a powerful laser on the ISS to help rid Earth's orbital space of debris.
Laurel Kornfeld - Apr 17, 2015
Putin's is latest in contradictory statements about Russia's future in space.
Andrew McDonald - Apr 14, 2015
The new launch window is 4:10 p.m. on April 14.
Andrew McDonald - Apr 11, 2015
The analysis will focus on osteocyte cells, and could lead to innovations to prevent bone mass reduction in future missions.
Kathy Fey - Mar 14, 2015
Lockheed's new system could provide valuable services in orbit and beyond.
Laurel Kornfeld - Mar 10, 2015
Contracts have been extended to avoid any gaps in supply missions.
Kathy Fey - Feb 25, 2015
The cause of a water leak in astronaut Terry Virts' helmet is still unknown
Laurel Kornfeld - Feb 23, 2015
Selfies from space enjoy widespread popularity.
Andrew McDonald - Feb 20, 2015
A series of spacewalks and robotic operations in 2015 will be needed to ready the station to receive Boeing and SpaceX craft.
Laurel Kornfeld - Feb 18, 2015
A Soyuz rocket carried 3.1 tons of supplies to the ISS.
Laurel Kornfeld - Feb 17, 2015
The final ATV spacecraft burned up upon reentering the Earth's atmosphere on Sunday.
Andrew McDonald - Feb 12, 2015
New NASA poster features various lightsabers, background images.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jan 28, 2015
NASA and JAXA work together on CATS installation.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jan 15, 2015
Researchers hope to learn how body fares over long term in space.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jan 15, 2015
After astronauts spent 11 hours huddled in the Russian side of the space station, NASA determined that it was actually a computer failure, not an ammonia leak, that caused the alarm.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jan 12, 2015
A new reality show based around sending inventions to the International Space Station could be coming soon.
Andrew McDonald - Jan 12, 2015
The commercial cargo ship arrived at the station with more than two tons of supplies and scientific material.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jan 11, 2015
The Falcon 9 rocket isn't the only exciting thing about the launch on January 10.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jan 09, 2015
Saturday's launch of the Falcon 9 rocket and the subsequent attempted landing of its first-stage rocket is just one of many ambitious goals for the company this year.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jan 09, 2015
No reason was given for the delay, which will force SpaceX officials to wait yet again for a historic flight that could result in the landing of a rocket on an ocean platform.
Andrew McDonald - Jan 07, 2015
A problem with a thrust vector actuator led to the January 6 launch being cancelled with less than two minutes to go in the countdown.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jan 06, 2015
The scuttled launch comes just days before the daring attempt by SpaceX to launch and land the first stage of a rocket on a platform in the Atlantic.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jan 02, 2015
Daring mission inaugurates big year for the commercial spaceflight company.
Laurel Kornfeld - Dec 29, 2014
Aerospace industry believes knowledge, redundant safety systems, will minimize future tragedies.
Laurel Kornfeld - Dec 19, 2014
Mission to study long-term effects of spaceflight on human body
Laurel Kornfeld - Dec 11, 2014
SpaceX's floating platform landing has been delayed to December 19.
Laurel Kornfeld - Dec 10, 2014
UK students may soon be able to code experiments for test runs in space.
Andrew McDonald - Dec 10, 2014
After one of its Antares rockets exploded on October 28, the company has made plans to adhere to its resupply contract with NASA.
Laurel Kornfeld - Dec 09, 2014
3D printing aboard the ISS carries on with the production of a lightweight buckle.
Laurel Kornfeld - Dec 02, 2014
Samantha Cristoforetti has detailed her first week aboard the International Space Station via social media.
Laurel Kornfeld - Dec 01, 2014
Laurel Kornfeld - Nov 18, 2014
NASA was especially eager to work with the ESA, following the multiple successes of their Automated Transfer Vehicle launch craft.
Laurel Kornfeld - Nov 18, 2014
Manufacturer has "high expectations" for printer's performance in zero gravity.
Laurel Kornfeld - Nov 11, 2014
Photos and videos from space highlight beauty of Earth.
Andrew McDonald - Nov 06, 2014
An Automated Transfer Vehicle docked at the ISS was used to push the station out of the path of a potential impactor.
Andrew McDonald - Oct 27, 2014
This marks the end of the fourth resupply mission to the ISS by a Dragon spacecraft.
Andrew McDonald - Oct 24, 2014
Two systems are responsible for removing contaminants from the station's air.
Laurel Kornfeld - Oct 21, 2014
New Dragon 2 vehicle scheduled to transport humans to space in three years.
Andrew McDonald - Oct 16, 2014
Two Russian cosmonauts will undertake the spacewalk on October 22.
Laurel Kornfeld - Oct 08, 2014
Additional testing and development likely to take longer than companies expect.
Laurel Kornfeld - Oct 07, 2014
Astronauts also capture and tweet photos of ISS above Earth.
Laurel Kornfeld - Aug 26, 2014
Affect of SpaceX rocket explosion on award process still unclear.