Most detailed radio image of Milky Way satellite galaxy created by Australian astronomers
Most detailed radio image of Milky Way satellite galaxy created by Australian astronomers
Laurel Kornfeld - Nov 30, 2017
Stunningly beautiful photo reveals past and likely future of the Small Magellanic Cloud.
Delila James - Nov 30, 2017
Astronomers using the MUSE instrument on the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope in Chile have identified 72 galaxies never before detected.
Carmelo Sheppard - Oct 06, 2017
A team of isolated astronauts has found how microbes may act aboard a cramped spacecraft during long missions.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 12, 2017
A new way is developed.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 01, 2017
Based on the Korean astronomers' description of the phenomenon, scientists today believe the outburst occurred in a binary system that contained a dead, highly dense white dwarf star and a companion.
Joseph Scalise - Aug 31, 2017
This suggests that the magnetic field stays fairly constant throughout the galaxy's life.
Ed Mason - Aug 22, 2017
The Universe may be a little less lumpy than previously thought, according to the newest, biggest map to date of its structure.
Clint Huston - Aug 11, 2017
While scientists have long known there are many holes throughout the reaches of the space, they did not expect to find as many as they did.
Jeremy Morrow - Mar 29, 2017
Billions of years ago, Mars looked very different to the present-day dusty rock.
Vicky Webb - Mar 14, 2017
A group of researchers wants to send a box into space that will eventually house the coldest spot in the universe.
James Carlin - Mar 14, 2017
Despite uncertainty over policy changes under the Trump administration, NASA is going ahead with plans for a cislunar pathway outpost for future human missions.
Jose Jefferies - Jan 27, 2017
The new suits were exhibited yesterday morning when Boeing went live on Facebook to launch the suits.
Jeremy Morrow - Jan 14, 2017
This brings the age old question of if NASA can use the drug why is it illegal?
Ian Marsh - Jan 11, 2017
New research by Scientists from Weizmann Institute of Science might just dispute what we think we know about how the moon came into being.
Simon Smith - Dec 30, 2016
The mystery deepens further owing to the proximity of both cameras, yet the images are entirely different.
James Smith - Nov 19, 2016
Some scientists are reporting "fast radio bursts" that might be alien civilizations trying to communicate.
Ian Marsh - Jul 13, 2016
Astronomers have captured two waves of energy belched by the galaxy.
Dirk Trudeau - May 23, 2016
We are learning more about Mars each day.
Ian Marsh - Apr 28, 2016
While smaller unmanned crafts would take around 72 hours.
Ian Marsh - Mar 20, 2016
Scientists have traced a recent FRB to a galaxy that is about 6 billion light years away.
Alex Bourque - Feb 08, 2016
It's also the youngest star cluster in the Carina Nebula at just 500,000 years old.
Jason Spencer - Feb 06, 2016
The newest Star Wars film breaks Avatar's domestic record after grossing $900 million and joins the ranks of elite films to gross $2 billion globally
Kara Menard - Jan 22, 2016
The ALMA telescope, located in Chile, has spotted strange dust clouds that may be some of the earliest artifacts in space left over from the Big Bang.
Alex Bourque - Jan 12, 2016
An interview with professor David Sobral, the astronomer that discovered CR7, a super-bright galaxy millions of light years away.
David Sims - Sep 08, 2015
Scientists discover the oldest galaxy in the universe. It could be the answer to mysteries surrounding the Big Bang.
Aaron Sims - Aug 30, 2015
Blackberry has been relatively silent, but new leaked photos suggest that the company is about to burst back onto the scene with it's new Android-powered device, Venice.
Aaron Sims - Aug 29, 2015
Scientists working with the Hubble Space Telescope have found a cosmic first - two black holes engaged in a deadly dance in a nearby quasar.
Andrew Blake - Aug 28, 2015
Scientists at Harvard University have proposed a model outlining the possibility that life in the galaxy may have spread a lot like an epidemic
Simon Smith - Aug 20, 2015
Scientists in Antarctica have discovered "ghostly" particles deep in the ice originating from the outer reaches of the galaxy.
Aaron Sims - Aug 03, 2015
The 2014 American superhero film is the tenth installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and features an ensemble cast.
Aaron Sims - Jul 28, 2015
Kepler-452b could be a cousin to Earth, but it is too distant in the galaxy to know for sure.
Kara Menard - Jul 14, 2015
The point is that several previous studies have already addressed the population of the rarer, most massive black holes, which are growing at very fast rates.
Jeremy Morrow - Jun 18, 2015
Scientists using the Very Large Telescope (VLT) have spotted traces of a super-bright galaxy that could contain materials that were present when the universe was formed.
Jeremy Morrow - May 28, 2015
The Hubble telescope has sent astronomers this breathtaking photo of a collision between two ejected clumps of high-speed matter.
Adam Widmer - May 16, 2015
Quasars are rare enough -- one scientist estimates the odds of finding four in one star system to be 10 million to one -- and it's changing how scientists think about these mysterious cosmic events.
Tyler Henderson - May 15, 2015
A new study of neighboring galaxy Centaurs A suggests that it might be hiding dark matter.
Adam Widmer - May 14, 2015
Scientists surveyed thousands of galaxies -- and came to some rather stunning conclusions.
Sarah Webb - May 10, 2015
The ring stretches a million light-years past the galaxy, and could result in the merger of Andromeda and the Milky Way in just 4 billion years.
Sam Klein - May 07, 2015
The Hubble Space Telescope, which helped identify the farthest known galaxy in the universe, offers insight into how other old galaxies formed.
Kristy Douglas - May 06, 2015
Astronomers have located a galaxy estimated to be 13.1 billion light years away, nearly dating back to the big bang.
Andrew McDonald - May 05, 2015
The galaxy was found and studied using observations from space and ground-based telescopes.
Laurel Kornfeld - Dec 01, 2017
Spectroscopic instrument allowed scientists deepest ever view into the early universe.
Laurel Kornfeld - Nov 29, 2017
Infrared telescope will allow observation of galaxies as they appeared 13.4 billion years ago.
Ed Mason - Nov 17, 2017
A group of astronomers have discovered that a black hole collision within the next decade will release gravitational waves.
Laurel Kornfeld - Sep 27, 2017
Spectroscopy enables scientists to determine cluster's chemical composition.
Tobi Gerdes - Aug 15, 2017
The asteroid, named 2012 TC4, will zip by Earth at a distance of about 27,300 miles (44,000 kilometers), which is an eighth of the distance from the Earth to the Moon.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jul 29, 2017
Gravitational interaction is triggering star formation in both galaxies.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jul 29, 2017
As many as 75 percent of rogue planets may be Earth-sized rocky and icy worlds.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jul 22, 2017
Observations illustrate formation processes of both high- and low-mass stars.
James Smith - Feb 18, 2017
Cleveland Cavaliers guard, Kyrie Irving, is sticking by his belief that the Earth is flat.
Harry Marcolis - Jan 17, 2017
Chad Young - Dec 15, 2016
But his biggest concern was that if such an object was to hit earth, we have no way to defend ourselves.
Jeremy Morrow - Nov 19, 2016
A star is being reported as the most perfectly spherical object ever observed in nature.
Adam Widmer - Nov 18, 2016
Physicist, Stephen Hawking, predicted that homo sapien life on earth has only a one thousand year shelf life remaining.
Ian Marsh - Oct 12, 2016
It has taken the satellite almost five years to get to Jupiter.
Josh Curlee - Jun 22, 2016
There's a few reasons why it's good for the franchise.
Jason Spencer - Jan 30, 2016
The California Institute of Technology may have found a ninth planet, but NASA cautions that it is still too early to jump to conclusions
Dirk Trudeau - Jan 25, 2016
A new study published in the journal Astrobiology suggests that any life that existed in our neighborhood has come and gone.
Aaron Sims - Jan 13, 2016
A new study has revealed that there is a supermassive black hole, called CID-947, that is orders of magnitude larger than it should be with respect to its host galaxy.
Joyce Clark - Dec 28, 2015
Tired of constantly recharging your phone? Samsung may have just come up with a battery that could mean the end of short-lived smartphones.
Dirk Trudeau - Aug 21, 2015
A team of scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have confirmed that neutrinos found at the South Pole actually originated from outside the Milky Way.
Andrew Blake - Aug 12, 2015
Astronomers at San Diego State University have discovered a new exoplanet that orbits not one but two stars.
Aaron Sims - Aug 04, 2015
A new study has revealed that some stars traveled insane distances from their birthplace before reaching their current location in the Milky Way.
Aaron Sims - Jul 23, 2015
Scientists looking through the ALMA telescope in Chile have discovered a faint dust cloud emanating from some of the earliest known galaxies in the universe, challenging conventions about star formation.
James Smith - Jun 24, 2015
A new study from scientists at Stony Brook University, using the Subaru telescope, describes more than 800 galaxies that could be made mostly out of dark matter.
Aaron Sims - Jun 09, 2015
This amazing photo, captured by ALMA, depicts a distant galaxy in the process of rapid star formation in breathtaking detail.
Aaron Sims - May 28, 2015
An amazing video of two high-speed chunks of matter colliding has just been released by scientists working with the Hubble Space Telescope.
Vicky Webb - May 16, 2015
It's a stunning sighting that is forcing scientists to question their fundamental theories about black holes and quasars themselves.
Tyler Henderson - May 15, 2015
Astronomers have discovered four quasars shining extremely close to each other for the first time ever.
Tracy Williams - May 14, 2015
Research from the University of Cambridge suggests that galaxies can use up other galaxies gas supplies, effectively strangling them to death.
Laurel Kornfeld - Apr 20, 2015
Next generation of telescopes could find thousands of similar phenomena within several years.
Laurel Kornfeld - Apr 16, 2015
A record 100,000 galaxies searched for heat emissions from energy use.
Kathy Fey - Apr 15, 2015
A massive scan for heat signatures across the cosmos has turned up no signs of highly advanced civilizations.
Kathy Fey - Apr 07, 2015
The image taken by ALMA is the most detailed example of the Einstein ring effect ever captured.
Andrew McDonald - Apr 01, 2015
The objects were detected through combined observations by the Planck Satellite and Herschel Observatory.
Laurel Kornfeld - Mar 30, 2015
Lack of interaction with other dark matter stymies researchers.
Kathy Fey - Mar 18, 2015
Scientists have calculated that a vast number of Milky Way stars have planets fit for habitation.
Andrew McDonald - Mar 11, 2015
The galactic disk has concentric ripples that extend outwards.
Laurel Kornfeld - Feb 20, 2015
Using the National Science Foundation's Very Large Array (VLA), scientists examined the "boring" Teacup galaxy and found a surprising amount of activity by its black hole.
Laurel Kornfeld - Feb 20, 2015
Growth of elliptical galaxies is molded by dark matter in their halos.
Laurel Kornfeld - Feb 19, 2015
Astronomers have observed winds that carry enough energy to stop galaxies from producing stars.
Laurel Kornfeld - Feb 17, 2015
Astronomers are working toward figuring out why starburst galaxies are better at star production than others.
Andrew McDonald - Feb 09, 2015
A prior study in 2009 predicted the galaxy's existence and location, and now new star data have confirmed it.
Laurel Kornfeld - Feb 04, 2015
The famous Hubble Space Telescope still has plans for great things in the coming decade.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jan 20, 2015
Panorama sets new level of precision for spiral galaxy studies.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jan 20, 2015
Phenomenon might be coming from outside our galaxy.
Laurel Kornfeld - Jan 01, 2015
Conditions show history of collisions with nearby galaxies in large cluster.
Andrew McDonald - Dec 27, 2014
Galaxy IC 335 resides in a galactic cluster 60 million light-years from Earth.
Laurel Kornfeld - Oct 24, 2014
Cause of emissions remains unknown.
Andrew McDonald - Sep 19, 2014
The Milky Way itself will consume two smaller galaxies before merging with Andromeda.
Andrew McDonald - Sep 16, 2014
The data used to create the map were accrued over a period of ten years.