University reports that celebrity astrophysicist Lawrence Krauss grabbed breast

Celebrity astrophysicist Lawrence Krauss is in trouble following a sexual harassment incident.
By Tyler MacDonald | Aug 07, 2018
After being accused of inappropriate behavior, an investigation by Arizona State University (ASU) concluded that high-profile astrophysicist Lawrence Krauss grabbed a women's breast at a recent conference in Australia and thus violated the university's sexual harassment policy.

"Responsive action is being taken to prevent any further recurrence of similar conduct," said ASU's executive vice president and provost, Mark Searle.

In regards to actions ASU is taking, a spokesperson for the university wrote the following:

"Professor Lawrence Krauss is no longer director of Arizona State University's Origins Project, a research unit at ASU. Krauss remains on administrative leave from the university. It is the policy of the university not to comment on ongoing personnel matters."

Krauss just recently announced that his director position on the Origins Project, which attempts to examine the beginnings of the universe, was not renewed for another 5-year term. He was placed on administrative leave on March 6 following sexual harassment allegations.

Microbiologist Melanie Thomson first filed a complaint about the incident, which was initially dismissed due to a lack of evidence.

"They should have believed me the first time," Thomson said. "It's ridiculous the amount of effort you have to go through to stop universities from just dismissing these cases. I have been traumatized by the process and I wasn't even a victim."

The unnamed woman who was sexually harassed reportedly "reacted with shock and physically moved away" from Krauss, although another eyewitness "body check[ed]" him immediately after he grabbed her breast.

Other eyewitnesses said that they woman was"frazzled and troubled" and "shocked" after the incident.


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