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Space experts don't think U.S. will reach mars by 2030s

Some space experts are doubtful that the United States will reach Mars by the 2030s.
By Tyler MacDonald | Oct 07, 2019
Although the United States is determined to reach Mars by the 2030s, some lawmakers and space experts believe that a lack of funds and poor planning will delay the plan.

U.S. President Donald Trump has expressed interest in sending Americans back to the moon to create a lunar gateway that can be used to test spacecraft and technology that will ultimately bring humans to Mars.

"We don't want to rob the NASA budget of what is the goal, and the goal is to get to Mars with humans," said Senator Bill Nelson, a Democrat from Florida, which is home toKennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral.

"Do these missions help us achieve our goal of getting humans to Mars?" he asked.

Chris Carberry, chief executive of Explore Mars, claims that both private and international partnerships could make the missions to Mars more affordable for the United States.

"Our international partners want us to lead," he said to lawmakers.

"But they have concerns that we keep changing directions. They are not sure that we are going to stick with the direction."

Texas Senator Ted Cruz says that he hopes the next NASA funding bill from Congress will create a more long-term vision.

"This next NASA authorization, the hope is that it will reach further and be bolder in its aspirations," he said before asking retired NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson for her opinion at a hearing in Washington.

"The one most important thing is constancy of purpose," said.

"We have to have a vision that lasts more than one administration. We have to have a budget line that will support those goals and objectives that we are trying to reach."


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