Researchers search for Sun's ancient siblings

A new study hopes to find the Sun's ancient siblings.
By Tyler MacDonald | Apr 20, 2018
Although the Sun is isolated now, it used to exist alongside thousands of siblings in a stellar nursery.And now, an international team of researchers is trying to find the ancient siblings that it has been separated from over the years.

The team is using the Galactic Archaeology withHERMES(GALAH) survey to compile the spectra of 340,000 stars. The end goal is to examine over one million stars before the survey is complete.

"No other survey has been able to measure as many elements for as many stars as GALAH," HEREMES instrument scientist Gayandhi De Silva said in a press release."This data will enable such discoveries as the original star clusters of the Galaxy, including the Sun's birth cluster and solar siblings there is no other dataset like this ever collected anywhere else in the world."

The team analyzed star data, including chemical composition, to determine galactic relations.

"We train [our computer code] The Cannon to recognize patterns in the spectra of a subset of stars that we have analyzed very carefully, and then use The Cannon's machine learning algorithms to determine the amount of each element for all of the 340,000 stars," said Sven Buder, lead author of the study.

The end goal is to use the DNA signatures of stars to track down the Sun's ancestry.

The findings were published in SciRate.


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