Artificial meteor showers will soon be for sale

The world's first artificial meteor shower is happening in 2020, and soon anyone will be able to purchase them.
By Tyler MacDonald | Mar 26, 2018
Japan is set to witness the first artificial shower in the world in spring 2020, and soon other countries will be able to as well, according to Tech Times.

The technology is being developed by the private space company Astro Live Experience (ALE). The display will take place over a 200-kilometer area on the sky of the Setouchi Region, which is made up of the cities ofHiroshima, Iwakuni, Takamatsu, and Matsuyama.

The shower is being created by a microsatellite located around 350 kilometers above ground. It will release 15 to 20 multicolored pellets that measure about half an inch wide. Each of the blue, orange, and green shooting stars will burn for around four to five seconds, similar to the length of real meteors showers.

In time, the startup hopes to send three sets of six-satellite constellations into orbit. The artificial meteor showers will be released anywhere on Earth at 8 p.m., 8:30 p.m., and 9 p.m. during dark evenings. They will cost around $40,000 and the time will depend on the customer's preference.

For safety reasons, showers will be cancelled if they come within 200 kilometers of even one satellite.

"We ran a simulation of releasing particles every hour for a year against the catalog and didn't find any times we came close," said Josh Rodenbaugh, a member of the startup's satellite operations team.



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