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Mars rover’s penis ‘graffiti’ goes viral

It’s the penis seen around the world or, at least, the penis seen by millions of giggling Internet users. Though it may seem that someone on NASA’s rover team thought it would be hilariously funny to “draw” a giant penis on the Martian surface, reports that that’s far from the truth.

According to, the real explanation for the phallic design isn’t anywhere near as funny as all the explanations that have been offered by bloggers since the penis “graffiti” went viral. The website says that the penis “drawing” was created when the Mars Spirit rover made a turn on the Red Planet. Unfortunately, Spirit is no longer with us and unable to defend its juvenile behavior.

The Daily Mail reports that the penis “graffiti” was spotted on NASA’s website by curious Reddit users. Soon after the discovery was made, the phallic design was posted to Reddit with the title: “Mars Rover: $800 million, Team to Operate: $1 billion. Drawing a penis on the surface of another planet: priceless.”

The penis “graffiti” quickly went viral and the number of people trying to visit NASA’s website quickly became too much for the space agency’s servers to handle, leading to a website crash. The Daily Mail notes that although NASA has refrained from commenting on the viral picture, the space agency was willing to upload a higher resolution photo of the phallic design.

Even comedian Stephen Colbert, the host of Comedy Central’s “Colbert Report,” weighed in on the phallic design. According to The Raw Story, Colbert discussed the Mars penis photo during a segment called “Tiny Triumphs.”

Colbert said that NASA’s Mars rover “left humanity’s mark” on the Red Planet, adding that the “giant graffiti peenie” is evidence that further proves America’s “galactic supremacy.” The comedian even compared the phallic design to a “passed-out frat boy” who has had offensive images and words scribbled on his face.


According to NBC News, this isn’t the first time nor will it likely be the last time that one of NASA’s Mars rovers leaves penis “graffiti” on the surface of the Red Planet. In fact, both Opportunity and Curiosity are also guilty of leaving phallic designs on Mars.

How many of these phallic designs have been left on the Martian surface? Are you surprised by the Internet’s reaction to this photo? Is NASA in on the joke? Share your thoughts in the comments section.