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The Space Reporter seeks to maintain one of the most up-to-date websites covering the news of space.

The Space Reporter Nation

Since our founding, The Space Reporter has expanded its operation to include coverage of NASA, the solar system, planetary science news, and all things space.


Kramer R. Phillips
Kramer Phillips is founder and editor-in-chief of The Space Reporter. As the founder and President of KPR Media, he oversees two science sites with a wealth of information on space and astronomy.
Andrew McDonald
Contributing author
Andrew McDonald, PhD is a vertebrate paleontologist and writer. He received his doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania, and continues to study dinosaurs and other prehistoric life.
Laurel Kornfeld
Contributing author
Laurel Kornfeld is a freelance writer and amateur astronomer from Highland Park, NJ. She studied journalism at Douglass College, Rutgers University, and earned a Graduate Certificate of Science from Swinburne University's Astronomy Online program. Her writings have been published online in The Atlantic, Astronomy magazine's guest blog section, the UK Space Conference, the 2009 IAU General Assembly newspaper, Spaceflight Insider, and newsletters of various astronomy clubs.
Kathy Fey
Contributing author
Kathy Fey is a freelance writer with a creative writing degree from Mount Holyoke College. She is an active blogger and erstwhile facilitator of science and engineering programs for children.